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What We Do...

The E.P.I.C Project specializes in providing resources, and experiences that motivate individuals to embrace their new life, and fulfill their dreams.


 The organization receives inquiries everyday from deserving individuals requesting assistance. 


The item of empowerment (IOE) program enables The E.P.I.C. Project to support individuals in the wheelchair community with their requests. 


The E.P.I.C Project encourages you to take a look at our IOE Program page, to get a look at past IOE recipients. You will also find ways to participate in the program. 

In conjunction with the IOE program, The E.P.I.C. Project also has The E.P.I.C. Dream Maker program. Individuals who use a wheelchair deserve to participate in experiences that fulfill their dreams. Take a look at our E.P.I.C. Dream Maker page to see how The E.P.I.C. Project helps deserving individuals manifest their dreams. 

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